Sunday, 5 December 2010

Selwyn College Snowball, 3rd December 2010

We almost didn't make this gig - because of the recent snowfall there were fewer trains running between Norwich and Cambridge, and Howlin' Wolffe, having only just finished playing at previous gig, was stranded with no hope of salvation and only his cymbals to eat. Even when we had decided that a taxi was the only option, time was ticking fast, with our stage time creeping closer and closer; that valiant driver, that heroic cabbie, floored it all the way on slippery black-iced and winding roads, never letting his needle drop below the 80. With seconds to spare, Wolffe sprinted to the stage, where the band were waiting with guitars plugged in and the beast of rock n' roll roaring inside them, straining at the bars of this hard cage we call a body; until, finally, the moment came, and all hell was unleashed!!!!!

So however you look at it, it was pretty close. We weren't really meant to stick around at the ball afterwards, but we did anyway, sampling many of the fine foods on offer (for free) and many more of the fine beers (also for free). Some brave gentlemen partook of Smirnoff Ice (that was free too). Everything was free. We even took some stuff that wasn't free!

Anyway, it was a great night. Here is an amusing video of our experiences:

The song in the video is 'Adventure' by Be Your Own Pet, in case you wanna know!

Here's a picture of Tom in nothing but a towel and a Subway 'Eat Fresh' hat smoking an e-cig while watching montage videos of Lionel Messi's best goals:

You don't get THAT with Arcade Fire...

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