Sunday, 19 December 2010

Adventures in Cardiff and also At Home

I recently went to Cardiff for the second time. I went on a MEGABUS which was less mega than it sounds, and more like being on a coach for three hours. However I managed to fall asleep for most of it. Then I got to Sam Killin's house where it's so cold they can turn the fridge off and the milk keeps. It's not actually that cold, but it was pretty chilly and it used to be a brothel. Apparently? And it was so cold Sam wished he was in Norway so he'd be warmer. Also we were talking about the lottery, cos the new EP is called 'Scratchcard Winner', and Sam said that if he won £85million (EuroMillions Jackpot Rollover) he'd be dead by the end of the year. I thought maybe he was right. If you had that much money you would probably want to die. There are only so many things that are made of gold, and once you had bought most of them what would be left for you except religion? And most religions would tell you to give away all of your money, preferably to them, and then how would you eat? As it says somewhere in The Bible, man cannot survive on bread alone, but it certainly helps. Anyway I recorded two new songs in a studio:

Sam was there running the desk:

The new songs should see the light of day some time in the new year. They sound really good. One is a really full acoustic production with string sections and pianos and a 12-string guitar which sounds like a banjo. The other is just guitar and voice. I think they're both pretty good songs. Recording in a studio is the best and if you get a chance then you should go and do it. Also try and use some really expensive microphones because it makes so much difference.

Then I got back to St. Albans where it's been snowing pretty heavily. I went for a night out, when this lucky boy got to meet Santa Claus:

I hope he gets the Lego space shuttle that he asked for. Lego is pretty much the best quality kids toy going. Once or twice I may have played a bit of Lego with my cousins and then just carried on after they got bored and stopped. And then when everyone went to the pub I stayed behind to finish off my base. You've gotta have a decent base in these testing times; I, for one, am not going to become a victim of the economic downturn.

Then of course it was snowing and I walked home after going to a party for a friend of mine from school who's just become a Royal Marine Commando. There was a fantastic buffet. After that I had to get home. So I took some photos of the snow to pass the time.

Snow makes everything quiet because it's like the world is covered in acoustic foam and it soaks up all the reverb. I don't know if that is fact but it seems like a pretty reasonable explanation to me. No sound carries, it's dead like being in a vocal booth.

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