Monday, 27 September 2010

I Live In A Mansion

[Above] Shady Bedroom Setup

Over the weekend I moved into the servant's quarters of a Palatial Georgian mansion. My room is in the attic with some slanting ceilings which means the reverb is ok but the headroom leaves something to be desired. I am cracking on with some shady bedroom recording, when I'm not cracking open a can and kicking back at the party. Sorry, my mistake. It's not a party if it happens ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, it's nice to have a room with a view(ish) and a USB microphone. Hopefully at some point I can circulate a shady bedroom demo, in tried and tested lo-fi style. Perhaps I will record it on the built-in mic of a budget boombox and make sure that it can't be copied unless someone transfers it cassette-to-cassette. Because music's just not cool if you can't make it horribly exclusive. And I for one am heavily in favour of elitism. Personally I will only listen to a song if it hasn't been written yet.

Look out for revelations soon. Behind the scenes, hard work goes on towards EP 2.

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