Tuesday, 1 June 2010

St. Albans [Yellow Light]

[Above] In the Boot. My 18th Birthday. This photo was taken shortly after I told the barmaid she was pretty nice looking for 28. It was also taken shortly before I had a haircut, a shave and a hangover. About a week or two later was the first time I ever made a record with Samuel Fletcher Killin:

See? Haircut.

It's kind of scrappy [the recording that is, my haircut is sick], and stuff's out of time and out of tune, but I have a lot of love for this early recording. This wasn't the very, very first version of 'Yellow Light' we'd ever done [the very first, I think, involved a cardboard box for a bass drum and clinking beer bottles?] but it was the second recording we ever made together, and the first we showed anyone.

This is what it sounded like when we re-recorded it for 'This City Has An Echo':

The EP version features an actual gang on gang vocals. Check them out:

[Above] Shady, shady mans.

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