Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Ghost EP

This week I recorded an EP. I wrote and recorded a song a day. I used pretty lo-fi equipment: everything was recorded on a Samson C01U usb mic, and then things were tweaked, spliced and reversed in Reaper. But mostly what you hear was recorded in one take, then layered, reverbed and panned.

I decided to leave in some mistakes etc. Partly because this was such a time-constrained project, and partly because I wanted them there. This EP is a lot about unease and I want the listener to feel uneasy. So it's not exactly the prettiest production. But it's not meant to be.


This was a lot of fun to do. Also I managed to get a lot of things into these songs that I've been thinking about for a while and I don't think I could have done with a more considered, precise recording process. Although that process is good for other things.

I'll upload this to Bandcamp as well in a bit.

Here are some lyrics (for the songs which have lyrics):

1. A Ghost


2. The City Rain

3. A Ghost To Sleep

Save a space for me
While I lay a ghost to sleep

4. The Kitchen Floor

Over time my roots grew thorns around my foot
Strangling my steps, and promises.

Sleeping off the booze, I dream of rocket boots
On the kitchen floor.

Ghost, don't come no more.

5. A Ghost In Me

6. The Ghosts I Know

Three small boys are stood on the corner,
My old man has a different face,
My mother talks to her lost daughter,
Hands held, waits for the light to change,

And I wait, wait, wait
Forever and a day

(For ghosts I know)

Three schoolboys are stood on the corner,
My old man has a wrinkled face.
My mother sobs for her lost daughter,
Hands held, waits for the light to change.

I hope you like this EP. Please download it and listen to it, it's free. Because of the way it's been recorded and mixed, it will sound best on headphones or stereo speakers. Then you'll also be able to appreciate the panning. It won't sound that good on your laptop.

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